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WDAD 2019 Activities

St John Of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals, WA

Chok Lui, Consultant Aged Care & Rehabilitation

"Here is our story how we celebrated the World Delirium Awareness Day at SJOG Midland Hospital: We took on the Delirium Superheroes theme and some of us dressed up as superheroes today in the hospital. Instead of a journal club meeting today, geriatricians, junior medical staff in our department and our aged care clinical nurse consultant took an hour to go around the hospital to test staff knowledge on delirium and hear their experience looking after patients with delirium. We rewarded staff with sweets and like last year we also have a cake for staff in each ward (we have 2019 WDAD logo printed on the cake!). There was also a brain cake making competition in the Aged Care Rehabilitation Unit (Ward 1B) and each of the 3 cakes entered the competition were brilliant. The winner went to the specimen jar brain! I thanked all staff in the department for taking part today. I appreciated the extra effort from Lyn Fell (Aged Care clinical nurse consultant who took the best dressed up today as a Delirium Warrior!), Tom Forrest (JMO in Rehab Unit who prepared delirium information and this was sent in an email to all staff today), Jeff Chong (Geriatrician who designed some quiz questions today) and our department’s clerks (Jade and Karen who worked hard and ensured things happened smoothly)." 

Eastern Health, VIC

Pam Redcliffe, Volunteer Team Leader, Wantirna Health, East Ward

We had a small display at our facility but big celebrations at one of our big hospitals.

Thank you so much for your help.


Eastern Health Staff celebrated World Delirium Awareness Day 2019 and showed their commitment to recognising and responding to patients wtih delirium. 

Medical, nursing and allied health staff are encouraged to "THINK DELIRIUM" with respect to their patients, as delirium can rapidly fluctuate even over the course of a day.

Staff were encouraged to find out more by clicking on the new "Recognising and Responding to Delirium" iLearn package, and follow #WDAD2019.

Austin Health, VIC

Dr Mary Britton, Geriatrician, Austin Health

A full day of staff and general public awareness stall was manned by our volunteers, and we handed out stickers and information leaflets to all who passed by our desk.  We heard stories from patients and families and hospital staff about their experiences with delirium.  

Dr Mary Britton presented at the hospital wide medical grand round meeting at lunchtime and it was very well attended.  It was led by the hospital delirium committee staff, who were dedicated to promoting new standards for delirium care and the education package roll out for all staff.

                                                         Medical student taking the quiz :)

St John Of God Mt Lawley Hospital, WA

Gemma O'Loughlin, Manager Marketing and Communications

"We had a really effective campaign that involved a painting of a forget-me-not flower by one of our aged mental health patients.

This flower was reproduced on stickers that were worn by all our caregivers (and some patients). It will be used as an identifier in patient rooms ongoing. Some of the other activates we led included:

Story in CEO’s email message


Story on SJGML website

Stickers and info sheets

Email from our Director of Nursing and Midwifery to all  caregivers

Meal Tray information with Breakfast to all patients

Facebook Post – explaining the flowers creation

Bake Off and cake sale with the theme of the Forget me Not flower

Facebook – change profile picture to the sticker artwork for the day

Facebook Post – summarising the day with photos from all events

Here is the link to the website story and I have attached the flower artwork, info sheet, and some of the photos from the day.

Braeside Hospital, NSW

Teresia Matsveru, Clinical Nurse Consultant, HammondCare

At Braeside Hospital we had a very busy day filled with various activities, education, quiz and prizes.

Coffee and Cake for a course.

Barista coffee- Chris Badman

Sweets donations

Cakes x2 - Fiona

Orange Cake - Amy

Chocolate Cake - Linh

Muffins - Rose

Madeleines - Teresia

Kyra – Brownies

NB- All proceedings for the day goes towards buying Orientation Calendar Wall Clocks for palliative Care patients

Information booth in the hospital foyer

Posters, leaflets and brochures from the Australasian Delirium Association website - Renee  to print

Staff rotation on the booth

0930 -1000 – Maria

1000 -1030 - Kyra

1030 -1100 - S/W student with Kyra

1100 -1130 - Amy

1130 -1200 - Cecilia

1200 -1230 - Rochelle

1230 – 1300 - Teresia

1300 -1330 - Katrina

1330 – 1400 - Rose

Education activities in the education Centre

Registration and distribution of a 10 question quiz to the attendees – Chris Badman and Volunteers

Presentation of the QI project results on Non Pharmacological management of Delirium symptoms in Palliative Care – Teresia

Presentation on  Delirium risk identification and preventive measures – Regina Mc Donald

Questions and discussions

Team to collect the completed questionnaire

Top three people to win a prize

If more than 3 people get a 10/10, they will be required to answer three more questions

First prize – Hamper with bottle of wine, box of chocolates, cookies, coffee, candles and hand cream

Second prize – Bottle of wine  and a box of chocolate

Third prize – Bottle of wine

All prizes donated by the Pall Care team

Summary of WDAD 2019 activities on the world wide web

Twitter Chat Digest

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