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Professor Inouye Sharon Inouye is the pre-eminent delirium expert in the world. She invented the first diagnostic tool for delirium, the CAM, and the first multicomponent intervention for delirium, HELP. 

Dr Inouye’s research focuses on delirium and functional decline in hospitalised older patients, resulting in more than 200 peer reviewed original articles to date. She is the overall principal investigator of the Successful Aging after Elective Surgery (SAGES) study, an $11 million Program Project on delirium funded by the National Institute on Aging, as well as 5 other active research projects. 

Dr Inouye developed and validated the Confusion Assessment Method (CAM), the most widely-used instrument for the identification of delirium. She conceptualized the multifactorial model for delirium, which focuses on identification of predisposing and precipitating factors for delirium. Her work involves translating theories of clinical investigation into practical applications that directly improve the quality of life for older adults. She developed the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP), a multicomponent intervention strategy designed to prevent delirium by targeting six delirium risk factors. HELP was successful in reducing delirium by 40 percent and was published in a landmark study in the New England Journal of Medicine. This study was the first to show that a substantial proportion of delirium is preventable. 

Additionally, HELP has been shown to reduce falls, functional decline, and hospital costs, and to improve patient, family, and nursing satisfaction. The HELP program has been adopted by over 200 hospitals worldwide. 

Sharon Inouye has been awarded 'Deliriumologist of the Year' by the Australasian Delirium Association (ADA).  Presented by President of ADA Gideon Caplan.

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Prof. Sharon Inouye during her visit to Australia


400 people attended the Australasian Delirium Association Masterclass

 with special guest Professsor Sharon Inouye at the UNSW  John Niland Scientia Centre



Some members of the ADA Committee sharing a moment with masterclass presenter Sharon Inouye in Sydney on 23.10.2017

L - R: Annmarie Hosie, Mary Britten, Janine Masso, Sharon Inouye, Gideon Caplan, Penny Casey, Meera Agar and Andy Teodorczuk


                                 Anne Cummings, Cath Bateman and 

                                Deidre Widdall presented a lively 

                                Workshop at the ADA Delirium Masterclass


 Below: Prof. Sharon Inouye  describing the 

 'Cascade to Dependency' at the ADA Masterclass.


Sharon Inouye and Salleanne Ehms.  Salleanne presented a 

workshop entitled 'maintaining sustainability in a volunteer 

program.  Salleanne co-ordinates the ReViVe volunteer program 

at Prince of Wales Hospital which is based on the Hospital Elder 

Life Program (HELP).

Below: Gideon Caplan presented recent research around altered glucose metabolism his plenary session 'Delirium, pathophysiology: how sweet it is".


    Thoughtful  input from 'Caring for Cognitive Impairment'                workshop participants.    



    Lunch on the UNSW Scientia lawn on a beautiful spring day

     in Sydney during the ADA Masterclass.

    Below: Robert Welschinger, Mohammed Mohammed and              Jarett Pereira 




    Below: Janine Masso, Sharon Inouye and Gideon Caplan


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