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Committee Members

Assoc Professor Gideon Caplan (President)

 Director Post Acute Care Services and

 Geriatric Medicine

 Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick

 Conjoint Associate Professor  UNSW  

Ms Victoria Clague (Treasurer)

 Clinical Nurse Specialist 

 Geriatric Evaluation and Management

 Austin Health

Ms Penny Casey

  Research Fellow

  Deakin University

  Eastern Health Partnership


Ms Kelli Flowers

  Nurse Navigator

  Metro South Hospital and Health Service


Dr Emily Tomlinson

 Registered Nurse, PhD 

 Senior Lecturer in Nursing 

 Deakin University

Ms Melinda Webb-St Mart (Secretary)

 Clinical Lead, Cognition, Mobility

  & Continence

  Eastern Health


Dr Eemonn Eeles

 Consultant Physician and Geriatrician

 The Prince Charles Hospital. Brisbane

Dr Andrew Teodorczuk

 Old Age Psychiatrist

 Professor, Griffith University

Dr Meera Agar

 Professor of Palliative Medicine

 University of Technology Sydney

Dr Anita Nitchingham


 Prince of Wales Hospital


Dr Annmarie Hosie

  Associate Professor, Palliative Care Nursing

  University of Notre Dame Australia

  & St Vincent's Health Network Sydney


Dr Zoe Tuer


  St Vincent’s Health, Melbourne

  Dr Judy McCrow

Dr Mary E Britton 

 Geriatrician and General Physician. 

 Austin Health. Melbourne

Ms Miriam Coyle

See the source image Acute Dementia Delirium Clinical Nurse Consultant

 Illawarra Local Health District

Dr Julie Lustig

Consultant Physician in Geriatric Medicine, Rehabilitation and Aged Care Services

Monash Health

 Janine Masso

Janine Masso was working as a Clinical Nurse Consultant in Aged Care at Prince of Wales Hospital when she became a founding member of the Australasian Delirium Association (ADA) in 2011, playing a massive role in organising the first DECLARED (Delirium Clinical And Research Days) meetings of ADA in 2012 in Sydney, 2014 in Melbourne, 2016 and the Masterclass in 2017 both in Sydney.  Her amazing contribution was essential for the success of the ADA in becoming the third international delirium organisation, attracting enormous audiences (over 400 in 2017!) from around Australia and overseas eager to learn more about delirium and improve the care for their patients.  Janine also played a big part in initiating World Delirium Awareness Day in Australia. 

Janine’s calm and methodical approach to problems and tasks smoothed out the preparation and attracted a large group of delirium-ophiles to work in ADA and make it an even greater success.

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